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To have a well-groomed nails and hands - is a dream of each lady. One of the most luxurious and original designs is considered a matte nail art with velvet

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Green Festive nails, Half moonnails with rhinestones, Matte nails, Nails with curls, Nails with rhinestones

Business on the Bottom, Party on the Top

Business on the Bottom, Party on the Top

studded nail art...so cute!

15 Ideas to Make a New Manicure

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This is verging on a little too much, and the shape is too square - but I like the idea of combining multiple ideas in the set - gem accents, glitter ombre, etc.

Spektor's Nails: Juni 2012. This looks a little bit like wine stains...but in a cool way.

Put a little of the "circle" color on a piece of paper. Dip the end of a straw in it. Press straw to paper to get rid of some of the excess, then transfer the color to nail with a rotating movement.