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Please, hear me when I say you are beautiful, Daesung, inside and out! I'l protect you forever. Now get out of here, you're ruining my bias!

Daesung (대성) of Big Bang (빅뱅)- omg, i just died a lil bit

Unseen Photo of Big Bang by Leslie Kee

♕ (They look like superheroes here or something.

Thank You OT5, for another amazing concert, that I got to hear, but not see, and to the many new friends on twitter, who took pics, videos and audiostreamed the concert so I could share with my friends here. Thank you,Cat.

YGfan25 on

Big Bang They are too much, they can't, I can't, whaaat! How many more days?

Taeyang in Paris 2014 Photo Book

Scans: Taeyang in Paris 2014 Photo Book [PHOTOS] - bigbangupdates

Daesung and TOP ♡ #BIGBANG

Daesung and TOP from Big Bang. ^_^ They are so cute together. Too bad they aren't really together!

TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) ♡ #Kpop #BigBang #Kdrama

TOP (Choi Seung Hyun) ♡ #Kpop #BigBang #Kdrama

9/20일 싱가포르 F1 무대위 대성사진

9/20일 싱가포르 F1 무대위 대성사진

Daesung, Organizing

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