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Niall, Harry, Louis lookin gooood

Niall: omg my ship r next 2 echother Harry: louis louis lou lou louis look at me im being cute louis louis look at what im doing Louis: wutevr im 2 hot 4 dis

Niall has the ability to look sexy while being confused O.o wish I had that......I just look....well, I just look confused when I'm confused haha(;

I never thought that confusion could be so attractive. But lets be honest Niall looks good doing everything!

That is seriously the hardest habit to break. That's how the majority of my conversations start.

Im not gunna lie. I kinda talk like this now. oh Harry what have you done to mee?


I would come running in push Niall off and scream "he's mine Niall step aside"

This is terrible

Literally anythings better than Taylor swift. A pet rock is better.