Although I'm happy with Neville marrying Hannah.

I was very sad to see Luna and Neville did not windup together. :/ And was devastated when Fred died!

Harry potter

Dear Ron, You might have married her, but remember that I was the first ginger to sleep in the same bed as Hermione.

<3 awwweee that soooo nice of draco

Words can not express how much I want Dramione to be real.not even my heart can help me express how much I want it.

well thats nice

Dear Eve, I know you'll likely burn this, but thanks for being my friend when most people only wanted the fame. I know that that's why you were my friend because friends will blow you off randomly.


accio-superwholock: “ “ letterstomrpotter: “ Longer than 30 words, but I’m making an exception. I absolutely love this. ” ” OH MY HEART ”