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Do you want to spend your life just making a living, or do you want to make a life out of it? Sadhguru ~ Life after joining Isha Yoga

GIRL WITH THE MANGO CHAIN Deepak owned a small Indian grocery store and Anand had become friends with him during his visits to the place. As Anand bought a bottle of mango pickle Deepak said, “Swami Jagadananda is in town and will expound Isha Upanishad at my residence. Anand, if you are free, join us

Алексей Зуйков

participants chant with him. Then the drums join in with force and the

DRINK FOR ARTHRITIS RELIEF A compound found in green tea may help combat the joint pain, inflammation and tissue damage caused by rheumatoid arthritis, researchers, including those from India, have claimed. (@Healthy, #GreenTea, #arthritisrelief, @Siliconeer, #Siliconeer) Rheumatoid arthritis is a debilitating autoimmune disorder that mostly affects the small joints of the hands and feet. It

RECIPE: Festive Dessert: Gajrela with Ice Cream With Diwali just around the corner, the guests will be arriving soon. Here is a special crafting of dessert to sweeten their appetite, writes chef Sanjay Patel.

A rich, tangy and mild dish that is fit to be served to royalty and yet so easy to make. Chef Sanjay Patel shows how to make it at home.

The greatest #chaat feast by Kalyan Karmakar! These are the best street food dishes in #delhi #kolkatta & #mumbai! #streetfood

RICH AND CREAMY Spinach Kofta Curry (Amar D. Gupta | Siliconeer) The one dish the entire family can agree on. It is mild, rich and creamy and makes for a perfect pairing with naan or parathas. Chef Sanjay Patel shows how to make it. Ingredients: For the Gravy Paste (Grind all into a paste): 1 large onion 2