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A writing prompt. "My sister and I both had husbands that deployed. Hers didn't return, mine did. It's tearing us apart.

Faith In Humanity  RESTORED

For when you think all celebrities are rude. Some are awesome. The Tom Hanks thing makes me laugh every time.

Thank you! Why should I have to like the color pink because I'm a girl?

A Study in Pink: Gender, Color, and Nazis. Thought that was pretty interesting. I never knew.

Such an amazing dog and story!

Such an amazing dog

Such an amazing dog and such an amazing owner. Animals steal our hearts and provide unconditional love. I'm so glad this precious baby found his family.

Love this man!  You can judge a person's character by how they treat the weakest animals and people.  You can take that to the bank and cash it.

31 Pictures That Will Make You Proud To Be A Human Being Again

Funny pictures about Guys like him make the world a better place. Oh, and cool pics about Guys like him make the world a better place. Also, Guys like him make the world a better place.


Omg yes I'm tired of people saying "let your child be whatever" because I don't want them confused at an early age<< exactly but we’ve also got to remember to be supportive of all the genders in case your child doesn’t feel their gender matches their care

Fur babies

"I've always thought that animals are the purest spirits in the world. They don't fake or hide their feelings, and they are the most loyal creatures on Earth. And yet somehow we humans think we are smarter. What a joke!" Quote by the wonderful Pink

Just figure it out... hint, put a different emphasis on the words!

Just figure it out.. without looking in the comment section

funny-word-asking-quote-letters. The answer is the word is 4 letters, etc.

Yes,I'm re pinning this.

Got a suicide not texted to me from one if my dearest friends and told the police and got the message that's she's ok and is safe in the hospital rn god really does answer always help ur friends in need<<<You go person! BTW I didn't type that.

We need to try and understand why some people do some things and same to other dangerous animals

I don't know whether to be sad or happy cause I don't know how it end so ummm lol I guess ill do both (starts crying and smiling)😂😂😂😂😂

Charlotte Figi had her first seizure when she was 3 months old. Over the next few months, the girl affectionately called Charlie, had frequent seizu

why is marijuana not legal everywhere? the health benefits are amazing. stoners get their weed already, so why keep it from people who want it for an honest medical purpose? who is weed hurting? recreational or medicinal.i support it.