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Beware of These Bizarre Syndromes When You Travel - Modern Notion

Scientists remain puzzled by certain travel-related syndromes that cause otherwise healthy visitors to be struck with temporary mental illnesses.

Hildene House in Manchester, VT - only son of Lincoln to make to voting age built this

Destinations to watch in 2013

The Hildene in Manchester, Vermont, is a must-see for presidential-history buffs: After all, it was built by Robert Lincoln, the only son of Abraham and Mary Todd Lincoln to survive into adulthood.

Italy is known for culture, history, art and architecture but scientists are freaking out. Could their natural history museums be on the brink of collapse?

You'll need to decide which Rome attractions you wish to visit and work out if it's worth buying a Roma Pass.

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Once in a Lifetime

People tend to throw the phrase "once in a lifetime" around pretty liberally, applying it to mattress sales, kisses, and blockbuster movies. However, there.

Fort Davis National Historic site  old building with Moon setting at daybreak

Fort Davis National Historic site at the edge of the Davis Mountains, Fort Davis, TX

elgin moray | FREE Morayshire family tree inscriptions and links from HappyHaggis.

FREE Scottish family tree inscriptions and links from HappyHaggis.

UNESCO's Newest World Heritage Site Ani, Turkey Armenian empire

The 21 Newest UNESCO World Heritage Sites

Ani, Turkey Once known as the "city of churches," Ani was the capital of a mighty Armenian empire until it was destroyed by an earthquake in the century.

About Buddhist Nuns - Their Lives and Role: Burmese Buddhist nuns on an alms round.

What't the Life of a Buddhist Nun Like?

Buddhism is meant to be an enlightened, egalitarian faith. So why was there a buddhist feminism movement?

How to Make a Bridge Out of Living Roots

Tribes in Meghalaya, a state situated near Bangladesh, weave living roots together to form natural bridges.