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Which Cupcake goes with which Wine,Chart. See, you can have it allBy CakesAndCookies Cupcake Wrappers

Cheese and wine pairings

Wine and Cheese

Cheese lovers may find this useful! winefetch: “ Helpful Wine and Cheese Pairing pie chart. For more detailed information, check out the WineFetch Wine and Cheese Pairing Guide. —————————— Also find.

What Type of Stemware is Right for You?  There are a gazillion different types of wine glasses out on the market. So, what should you buy? Discover what glassware fits your wine drinking habits and what the best options are to build a proper wine glass set.   Check out this cool chart on the different types of wine glasses. Identify the different styles so that you can better decide what to buy based on your needs.

"What type of wine glasses do you really need?" Types of Wine Glasses Chart by Wine Folly

The Best 20 Wines Under $20 — That Taste Way More Expensive! Great to know for the holidays

The Best 20 Wines Under $20 — That Taste Way More Expensive!

You’re rushing to a party when you remember you wanted to bring wine. You stop at the liquor store, flustered and unprepared, and get talked into buying a pricey b.

Wine Pairing Guide: Fast Food - It's just so wrong...

Wine Pairing Guide: Fast Food

Wine Pairing Guide: Fast Food and Wine Pairings. You know you want a good wine to go with your late night taco run!

Just because you’re having take-out doesn’t mean you shouldn't have glass of wine, too. The ideal wine pairings for the take-out meal you’re craving.

Perfect Wine Pairings With 8 Popular Take-Out Options

This perfect wine and chocolate pairing chart:

Here Are 22 Diagrams For Anyone Who's Obsessed With Dessert

My infographic for Chocolate Lovers Guide to pairing chocolate and wine :) Visit Unionville and other NJ wineries for the Wine and Chocolate Trail, February and