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Ian Berry

In the monsoon rain a man returns to his home from the bazaar with the shopping. The annual flooding separates the village into small islands so movement between them is done by small wooden ferry boats.

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Ian Berry - GB. England. Durham. Three men in cloth caps, probably coal miners, with Durham Castle and cathedral in the background. 1974

Ian Berry G. Three men in cloth caps with Durham Castle and Cathedral in the background.

Belfast, 1981 Ian Berry

Young Irish boy clearly angered at the presence of British soldiers in his town in the north of Ireland Early

ian berry(1934- ), g.b. wales. 1966.

k-a-t-i-e-: Wales, 1966 Ian Berry

Two brothers meet for a Christmas reunion after having been separated by the Berlin Wall (at this point only two years old).  It was the first meeting of East/West relatives allowed by the East German government following the wall’s construction.  West Berlin - 1963

Brothers meet for a Christmas reunion after being separated by the Berlin Wall for over 2 years. From Dec 20 5 West Berlin residents were allowed one-day passes to visit relatives in the East.

A nice portrait of Rene Burri -- when great photography meant pounding the streets with work out shoes, a pocketful of film and a well-work Leica M...

Rene Burri Swiss Magnum photographer known for his photos of major political, historical and cultural events and key figures of the second half of the century. Died October Rest in Peace.

Thomas Dworzak. RUSSIA. Republic of Daghestan. July, 2000. Near the town of Andi, on the Chechen border. Memorial for a dead Russian soldier

Thomas Dworzak, "Near the town of Andi, on the Chechen border. Memorial for a dead Russian soldier.", July Republic of Daghestan.

Agence Magnum : Objectif Cheval  - http://www.picto.fr/2014/agence-magnum-objectif-cheval/

Deauville : Objectif Cheval avec Magnum

View Hassau chieftains demonstrate their superb horsemanship in a Fantasia, NDjamena, Chari-Baguirmi, Chad by George Rodger on artnet. Browse more artworks George Rodger from Magnum Photos.

A delicious night out on the town.  He needs to share that umbrella though.  Whaddup with that?

At first, I thought this was really romantic. Then, I realized he is only shielding himself from the rain.