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1956 Coffee Talk, vintage Vogue. I want all women to dress this way again. Like every day. :) It sure would be more fun.

Vogue 8287 Vintage 50s Circle Skirt Sewing Pattern UNCUT

Circle skirts were skirts which flared out like a circle by the bottom hemline, as you can see from the picture above. This look became popular among the but was really well known in the This was a typical look for teens and women during the

In the “Golden Age” of postcards, the early 1920s, real photo cards were all the rage. I’ve found that there was a real trend in having women pose in romantic, flowing dresses with their horses . . .

Beautifully Illustrated Ads From The 1950s When Pepsi Went Upscale Against Coke

Fencing for ladies (foil ONLY, in those days & for decades to come!) Women fencers, the Glass Ceiling was in fencing as well. Only foil, only 4 points to win - men had to go for 5. I wanted to learn saber, but my father/teacher said women didn't fence saber. Period. I was rather upset. I wanted more "swash" to my "buckle".

19 Women With Vintage Style You'll Want to Follow on Instagram

I wish I could live back in the Things just seemed so much cuter and simpler. (except for all the weirdness, I guess you could say, going on back then). Not to mention I absolutely love this outfit!!!

1920s young women whom you don't want to mess with...and are having a good time being so. ;)

There are 2 types of people in this world-people you want to drink with, and people who make you want to drink. ~ retro funny ~ posted by a.l.s