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The power of technology!

20 years later and all of these things fit in your pocket. 20 years later and all of these things fit in your pocket.


You know you are a 90's kid if you don't hate these kind of uploads

Makes you miss your childhood like crazy. When was the last time I even had French Toast Crunch?

High Tech from the past looks a lot different from today. Technology

1979 Hard Drive vs 2013 MicroSD - This picture depicts two memory drives which are 34 years different in age. It provides us with an idea of how far we have come in terms of technology. How much smaller can we possibly go?

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90's Nostalgia

50 Things You Will Never Get For Christmas Again. Oh man, talk about a blast from the past! I had this exact Polly Pocket!


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Will Ferrell Anchorman Meme: "You lost your phone and it's on silent? Too bad. If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it!

Walker, Texas Ranger!

Everyone loves a good Chuck Norris meme. -- Chuck Norris was born on May Nazi Germany surrendered on May Coincidence?


Heres a revised list of 13 types of pet foods ranked from best to worst

I painted this exact picture using the Bob Ross system Scott got me for Christmas one year!! <3 Bob Ross lego - love.  My Dad was a painter and loved his show :)

bob ross lego man :D .I always loved Bob Ross and his "happy little clouds"!

Haha hate when parents do this

Funny pictures about A message to those parents who have babies. Oh, and cool pics about A message to those parents who have babies. Also, A message to those parents who have babies.

Yall got any more of them episodes? - funny ghetto pictures, funny pictures, ratchet pictures

Funny Pictures Of The Day - 49 Pics binge watching at its finest


What Do Moms Find Funny?

Captain Planet/The Magic School bus... I guess you can be anything you want to be when you grow up. ha ha


Captain Planet kids are same as The Magic School Bus kids. OH MY GOSH! Zimanek this changes how i see the magic school bus!


Will Ferrel Procrastination? No, I just wait until the last second to do my work, because i will be older therefore wiser then, True wisdom.