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Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic and Cranberries

Brussels Sprouts with Balsamic and Cranberries. The only time I ever voluntarily ate Brussels sprouts was when I was pregnant and I craved them. But this recipe looks so good I might give them another try! Reviews say it's absolutely to die for....

Shredded Brussels Sprouts with Pistachios, Cranberries & Parmesan

Chopped Brussels Sprout Salad with Creamy Shallot Dressing

Chopped Brussels Sprout Salad - pomegranate, almonds, shaved brussels sprouts, bacon, Pecorino Romano cheese, and homemade shallot dressing!...

Shaved Brussels Sprouts Salad

shaved brussels sprouts Dressing: olive oil, lemon, honey, apple cider vin, salt and pepper. The pecorino adds some salt too. You want to let it marinate for a few hours. It Even tastes better the next day.