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Gunslugs Developer Orange Pixel Talks About the Challenges of Porting - http://leviathyn.com/mobile/2014/02/24/gunslugs-developer-orange-pixel-talks-challenges-porting/

We interviewed the creator of Gunslugs to learn more about the challenges of porting between platforms.

League Championship Series All-Star Event Recap - http://leviathyn.com/games/news/2013/05/26/league-championship-series-all-star-event-recap/

This year All-Stars will be held in the Le Zenith Arena in Paris,France.From the May several regions will fight their way to top.

Art Books Announced For Wolfenstein: The New Order, More - http://leviathyn.com/news/2014/03/06/art-books-announced-wolfenstein-new-order/

Total Gamer Spain Trailer de lanzamiento Wolfenstein: The New Order

Guild Wars 2 Makes Borderlands 2 Look Old Fashioned - Gamer Horizon

Humble Bundle 10 Announced, Includes 7 Games via popgeeks.net

Skulls of the Shogun is a solid turn-based strategy with tonnes of style!

The Great Borderlands 2 Loot Hunt Begins Friday

Celebrating geek culture -- Books, Gadgets, Video Games & More!

Such a clever and funny show. I watched it a second time and it was even better/funnier because I appreciated the humor and writing more.

Netflix confirms 14 new Arrested Development episodes, the Bluth family returns to screens this May

Developer Leak Lists A Ton Of Upcoming Steam Games - http://leviathyn.com/news/2014/01/08/developer-leak-lists-ton-upcoming-steam-games/

Developer Leak Lists A Ton Of Upcoming Steam Games

Daylight disponibile da Aprile per PS4 e PC

New Daylight Trailer Warns You – “Don’t Look Back”