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And to think all this time I was doing it the hard way!

How to draw an owl. How in draw an owl Draw some circles Draw the rest of the fucking owl. owl draw The Game

ughh hate the awkward run they make you do... just keep going I am perfectly capable of opening it again.

Funny pictures about Holding doors. Oh, and cool pics about Holding doors. Also, Holding doors photos.

Names y u so misleading

Funny pictures about Animals with misleading names. Oh, and cool pics about Animals with misleading names. Also, Animals with misleading names.

YES!!!  I ALWAYS notice this!!  I thought i was the only one.

Tom Cruise has a tooth at the exact center of his face. Its because he is missing his left lateral incisor which should be right between the left front tooth and the left canine. Im missing that tooth too!


Whenever I see someone flashing gang signs I immediately picture them doing cats cradle.

Every drawing book ever. - Imgur

My life in a nutshell

Draw two circles. Draw some more circles. Overlap the circles. You just drew a panda!

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor motor tekenen

Oddly enough, if you're drawing a penis, you start by making a cat. View "How To Draw A Cat" and more funny posts on CollegeHumor