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monster3 #monster

monster3 #monster

This borders on being too scary for my middle grade stories, but if this creature existed in my novels would it be an Air creature or a Water creature? Possibly neither. I think it would be a Moon creature.

Cthulhu Ballpoint Sketch by Nathaniel Wilson Drax just pointed me out to a Wordcount for Lovecraft’s Favorite Words , heh!

Part 5 ot more realy intrestin drawins

Pencil sketch monster, might be nice to contrast with bright typography? PK_M Collection by Paride Bertolin, via Behance Value unit : A monster a day until halloween each monster using a different value tech.

Monsters by CreatureBox:

Descriptive Writing Prompt: PIck ONE monster. Begin a descriptive response: "Yesterday I found the most _______creature! I wish I would have had my camera with me, but I didn't. This creature. (describe the creature in detail) Read to partner, guess w

my monster #monster

my monster #monster

Polycount Forum - View Single Post - What Are You Working On? 2013 Edition

Fantasy Character design - Monsters Concepts 02 by DerekLaufman on deviantART

Awesome monsters for a Dark Fantasy scenario... (Kekai Kotaki) - courtesy of the design team of Guild Wars (GW concept art).

Top photo is from Guild Wars Awesome monsters for a Dark Fantasy scenario. (Kekai Kotaki) - courtesy of the design team of Guild Wars (GW concept art).


I really wanna learn how to paint like this, with the color first and building up to the details. I always do lineart first and then color by delores