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In this photo you can see the precise extrusion produced by the our new RAM…

2000 ml Linear actuator Ram

A company called DeltaBots is looking to revolutionize the ceramic and pottery industry with the release of their PotterBot Clay Printer and constant flow RAM extruder.

Absolutely stunning texture coming through. I really want to explore 3D printed ceramics. Badly.

With his Functional Printed Ceramics Olivier van Herpt is looking to “bake in” the randomness, uniqueness into the process in order to every time get a truly unique piece.

3D Print Show Paris l'impression 3D à l'honneur  #3dPrintedFashion

3D Print Show Paris l'impression 3D à l'honneur

Print Show Paris l'impression à l'honneur -Rise of…

Designer Sebastian Bertram is expanding the amazing capabilities of 3D printing to large-scale 3D building, with a construction method that combines industrial production and the technique of rapid prototyping.    With this innovative building method, within

3D Print your own house (video)

Print Homes International Launches Crowdfunding Campaign to Print Houses for the World’s Homeless