You're thinking of Jesus

It's time to think. Quotes and other stuff about atheism. Free drinks to the person that can prove God exists!

I believe the full James H Boren quote is "When in doubt, mumble; when in trouble, delegate; when in charge, ponder." But that extraneous stuff on the end isn't very funny so here we have it.

When In Doubt, Mumble

Story of my life.I'm a big mumbler.

Lose Pounds Instantly!

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remember the dead, fight like hell for the living

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Presenting: The People of Wal-Mart SONG!

Presenting: The People of Wal-Mart SONG!

People of Walmart Music Video by Jessica Frech

Sweet Truck Funny Image from evilmilk. Sweet Truck was added to the pictures archive on

52 Memes for Anyone Going through a Horrible Winter He’s got the right idea. Or stay-inside-and-sleep-all-day-weather. That’s going to be a very long wait.Stunningly accurate. So stop it. Ah spring. This is horrible. All of this horrible. Come on spring! Lucy knows it. Everything is gray and horrible. I might not even wait  Which are …

52 Memes for Anyone Going through a Horrible Winter -

52 Memes for Anyone Going through a Horrible Winter

I'll keep that in mind.       20 Funny Engrish Signs

20 Funny Engrish Signs

Lost in Translation Signs - Engrish Signboards actually exist, and while they provide cautions and warnings to aid travelers they may just end up perplexing them instead.

Yea, seriously. It should be like "ok prisoner #257XJ8 does the perfume make your skin itch? No? Great! NEXT!"

Why test on animals when we have pedophiles in prison? They want to scar kids for life, why not risk scarring them for life? Fair trade, I'd say.

Probably one of the funniest commercials on the air today!

Get it totes my goats.totes magotes to make it funny lol

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Need to buy this for Lindz & myself (Birthday!)

I’m glad there are people out there like Dan Cummins if for no other reason than I am comforted by the fact that I’m not the only on.

Imgur: The most awesome images on the Internet

You Suck at Parking Business Card GOTTA get me some of these!


20 Teachers Caught Having Fun at Work

No one cares about the rest of Maroon 5, really. #adamLevine #guys #tattoos

This is my classic passive aggressive move.