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Heemtuin CNME fotoboek

The botanic garden with only flora originating in this area; the marl hill area of Maastricht with its sometimes unique wild flowers, is situated on the bank.

Frontenpark Maastricht

A fox in the "Hoge Fronten" has cubs, I saw photos (even in the paper), and it seemed more or less a public attraction.

weather forcast

Sun and rain pics, all over the land. Stormy chasing wind in the border land of Maastricht, the line that divides Belgian and Dutch.

Home from town center  #Maastricht

a walk home, criss cross through the old town center; from Vrijthof to the Jeker valley photographing corners I didn't before.

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor heemtuin muntendam

Afbeeldingsresultaat voor heemtuin muntendam

Sint Pietersberg - Mount Saint Peter

The highest summit in this area: 171 meters, but a long ridge from Maastricht town all the way into Belgium (Kanne) Not just a natures reserve, but wounded b.

rural #Maastricht

the surroundings of Dutch Limburg's capital Maastricht, are still rural, or what you can see as rural in such a tightly build area as the Western-European, b.

Heemtuin van vroegevogels

Heemtuin van vroegevogels

Maastricht heat wave

We are living in a heat wave of more then a week: temps up till C, and still I did a couple of walks (not every day, however) In this film the overview .

Heemtuin - Natuureducatie Leiderdorp

Heemtuin - Natuureducatie Leiderdorp

9 11 13 Walking the hills

a walk on the hill sides in South Limburg (Netherlands - Belgium); the border area just beneath Maastricht

Sunny walk from downtown #Maastricht

Walking from the left bank (Wyck) of the river Meuse, over the ancient Saint Servatius bridge and the quay to the town park, passing Our Sweet Lady's church,.

Hezerwater fotoboek / photo book

Hezerwater is an ancient stream situated on today's border between Belgium and the Netherlands; between Maastricht and Lanaken, and is important because of a.


Kanne, a neighbor village of Maastricht, just across the Belgium border in the valley of the Jeker, packed between Mt. Canne, Mt St Peter and the Albert cana.