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Cannabis Couture and Smoke Boutique. Weed leaf fashion and girly pipes. Weed jewelry and other smoking accessories for girls who smoke!

A simple table arrangement sure can make a stand, which is why we decided to go for floral centrepieces this time. For more like this go to hackthehut.com

36 Perfect Floral Centrepieces

Flowers, whether in a large or simple arrangement, can change the dynamic of an entire room. These large pink peonies add a fun, fresh vibe to this dining room set-up!

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I’m done being the nice girl that gets walked on. Time to be young, crazy, & happy


Nick Jonas Is a Such a Hot, Hot, Hot, Hot Tease in This Video

Nick Jonas Poses for Cosmopolitan- now part of our iheartradio music festival !

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When she cried it rained When she was angry, storms raged Her emotions were like the weather Oh but when they were together There was not a cloudy day

Sorry I Am Such An A**hole Pin #Cool, #Funny, #Gift

Sorry I Am Such An A**hole Pin

Remember that time you were an asshole? And yesterday? Face it, you can be a real asshole sometimes.


5 Daily Affirmations Every Modern Woman Should Tell Herself Every Day - "I realized something that changed everything. Eventually, I figured out that the emotions weren’t the problem; the problem was that I hated myself for my emotions.