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Praying mantis looking straight at my lens.

Praying mantis looking straight at my lens.

7 Tips to Master Freelensing, Free Lens, Photography Tips, Photography Technique, Freelensing Tutorial

7 Steps to Master Freelensing

A photo of unadulterated tranquility.

Pond, scene of Hattie Hayes' death

Flowers Sunsets and Sun Rises

Flowers Sunsets and Sun Rises

Children in Pakistan

Pakistan: daily life

Writing inspiration @heywriters

plasmatics-life: “Rainy day ~ By Masashi Wakui ” Such an amazing shot.

Kristen McMenamy photo: Style.com Is grey hair having a fashion moment? Pinterest is a patchwork of gorgeous white-haired women, Fabulous 80-year-old Fashionistas are being championed on TV and my latest blog post for Boden  is all about grey pride. How after years of dyeing my Mallen Streak, I decided to stay au naturel (sort of,Read more

Grey Pride

Children hanging on a full train after the liberation, 1945. Photo by Menno Huizinga

children hanging on a full train after the liberation, 1945 photo by menno huizinga. This is amazing. The photographer must be on the roof the moving train!

The Yanomami are also called the Yanomamö (pronounced Yah-no-mah-muh), and are one of the largest indigenous tribes in the Amazon.

Indigenous girl, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil. Over half a million Brazilians are indigenous, and millions more have some Amerindian ancestry. In fact, Brazil has the largest number of uncontacted peoples in the world - 67 different tribes.

Nena #Tarauhmara. #México.    www.facebook.com/ComoMexicoNoHayDos

MEXICO ~ Tarahumara Girl ~ All children are Beautiful ~ for more of Mexico visit www.