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L1M2AP1 ISO200 100mm f/2.8 1/25secs My macro lens is the only lens I have that can go any lower than f/4. This was taken early morning level with table & resting lens on edge of table to help keep camera steady using natural light & some editing in Lightroom

L1M2AP1 ISO200 100mm f/2.8 1/1000 Taken with macro lens which goes down to f/2.8 (all my other lenses are f/4.0); hand held in early morning with basic editing in lightroom

L1M2AP1 ISO200 100mm f/2.8 1/160secs Hand held, morning, basic editing in Lightroom. I like this image as it is just a little out in areas of focus on the plant

L1M2AP2 hand held, telephoto lens Tv ISO200 200mm f/4.0 1/500secs Cropped in Lightroom & basic editing

L1M2AP1 ISO200 85mm f/11 1/8 secs Hand held from eye level, I took this as a contrast from the old to the new Basic editing in Lightroom, using natural light

L1M2AS1 Av ISO200 40mm f-4.0 1-60secs mid morning hand held, eye level to table editing in Lightroom including exposure, contrast, highlights & straightening

L1M2AS1 ISO200 47mm f/4.0 1/30secs Hand held, late afternoon, eye level with table editing in Lightroom including adjustment to exposure, contrast, straightening

L1M2AS1 AV ISO200 105mm f-4.0 1-30secs Hand held eye level to table, mid morning Editing in Lightroom including straightening, auto tone, adjustment to highlights, exposure & contrast

L1M2AS1 ISO200 47mm f/4.0 1/25secs Hand held, mid morning Basic editing in Lightroom