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Lesson 1 Quote 4

If all you strive for is diminishing the bad, you'll only attain the average and you'll miss out entirely on the opportunity to exceed the average. — Shawn Achor

Lesson 4 Quote 1

"Pleasure can be selfish, but happiness never can be because with it, we contribute to a more positive world." — Shawn Achor

Lesson 1 Quote 5

Because our brain's resources are limited, we are left with a choice: to use those finite resources to see only pain, negativity, stress and uncertainty, or to use those resources to look at things through a lens of gratitude, hope, resilience, optimism, and meaning. — Shawn Achor

Both optimists and pessimists can be realists....

Both optimists and pessimists can be realists. They can both see problems. The difference is a pessimist believes that the problems are permanent and pervasive, and the optimist sees them as local and temporary. — Shawn Achor