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Puma ou Cougar ou lion de montagne Mama Cougar & Her Lil' Baby

The lion does not prove his worth.

This is the most majestic, beautiful animals living amongst us.So, so beautiful!so glad i.m a part of There Life bc I.m a Leo Lion for Life ♌

Happy Tiger                                                              HE LOOKS LIKE MIKE THE LSU TIGER TO ME.  slb

Tiger Tiger,tiger burning bright in the forest of the night, what immortal hand or eye could frame thy fearful symetry .

" ok okay..just sway your tail my 5 cubbies....come, I will brief you today for the DO and DON'T tomorrow....for its our moment to shine again....for today.....let's greet our BOARD..GOOD Roaring FRIDAY Morning....and may all GOALS be met before weekend. ! "

Cecil the Lion's Mate and Cubs- for those who don't know Cecil was bought and killed for sport after years of being a well known African wildlife attraction.

Wants a good father-son relationship but won't put in the work.

"Everything the light touches, is our kingdom". A real life Mufasa & Simba

This picture is just amazing to me.Look at those two,Wow !!So beautiful.Anyone that could kill these animals needs to be put in jail for a long time.

Anyone that could kill one of these magnificent animals needs to be put in jail for a long long time!