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Of Mythical Prop-ortions Phone Stand

Of Mythical Prop-ortions Phone Stand. Your hands are full of kitchen goodies, but you know this recipe won't make itself. #white #modcloth

Quench Your Curiosity Wine Stopper

Quench Your Curiosity Wine Stopper. From merlots to moscatos, this quirky kitty wine stopper can't wait to taste 'em all! A testament to the smile-inspiring nature of our beloved feline companions, this bottle topper - with its white feet, striped body, and pointed ears affixed to a metal cone - may inspire a little mischief in you, too.

Fly Like the Whim Tights

Fly Like the Whim Tights. Float on the wave of carefree expression these butterfly-printed tights provide! #white #modcloth

Forest to Arrive Ornament in Unicorn

Forest to Arrive Ornament in Unicorn. This plush tree ornament is the first to arrive among your holiday decor, and the last to be tucked away! #white #modcloth

Compliment the World to Me Socks

Compliment the World to Me Socks. Like any good pick-me-up, these blue socks will make you smile every time you put them on! #blue #modcloth