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Dean S. Troy on

And stripping down to a man thong at their national convention because that's what grown up sensible people do when they want to govern the American people to greatness.

We didn't act when Jesus and his family were murdered in WACO Texas by the FBI and the ATF just because we believed the mainstream media and we were offended by his claiming of being God's only begotten son. We just didn't expect Jesus to have a hard-on Dick to impregnate his wifes. They taught us that was evil. So we also wished him death as it was in his first coming; We are not really cowards, and who can help us now if Jesus has left us for the second time? - We are really…

After graduating from Harvard University, Obama taught Constitutional Law at the University of Chicago Law School. He's taught constitutional law, and you can't even spell the word.

Libs would love it if everyone would forget that big ol' debt that we're growing for our children and grandchildren.