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Really important!

"I am Loki of Asgard and I am burdened with glorious porpoises!" They do look quite glorious.

He has the best fans

Tom Hiddleston is seriously awesome! He does have the best fans.


It is kinda fun to delight in the misery of the summer people, as you had to suffer through their dumb season.

haha basically

And that's why they have the highest grossing film rate

“...It was a challenge to dial up the menace and I was exhausted when I finished filming. It’s funny how negative energy is so exhausting, and it was certainly a challenge to cultivate Loki’s hatefulness every day. I had to get inside his reservoirs of pain and make that feel real. Hating is exhausting; it’s much more exhausting than loving, and that’s what took it out of me - as well as some of the physical challenges that we all undertook.” - Tom Hiddleston

I dunno. do I take the proffered hand or not?

fluffmugger:  gaby-hiddles-hemzy:  This is not mine, but it’s great. I had to share it

Okay, Im impressed (and this Loki has a Tom face)


He has my vote to rule the world!

difference in helmet shape.  I'm kind of curious what the rationale for changing the whole costume was (I know it was a different director, but same actor, same character, same universe...)

Loki's helmet in Avengers and Thor. Tom Hiddleston once explained that, as Loki's anger grows, so do the horns on the helm.

Burdened with glorious porpoise.

Broship Of The Rings by Noelle Stevenson (Gingerhaze)

Gingerhaze: "The Broship of The Ring" Shadowfax doesn’t always start up too smoothly. And here it is, a Broship of the Ring anniversary offering! I drew it while watching T.