Homemade Oruk, a version of Kibbeh or Baked Icli Kofte, Antakya Style

Oruk, or (Sam Orugu as they are also referred) the baked oval bulgur balls with delicious ground meat and walnuts filling, is a very popular dish at my .

Lamb Kebabs with Pistachios on Flat Bread, served with Roasted Peppers, Onions and Tomatoes – Create Delicious Kebabs in Your Home!

Have you had a chance to try the Kebab Houses – Kebapci – in Turkey? They appear in every corner and the smells, never ending array of mezzes and kebabs.

Spicy Apricot Chicken

Spicy Apricot Chicken

Spicy Apricot Chicken Recipe ~ Savory breaded chicken baked in a sweet and spicy apricot sauce! 10 minute prep and SO delicious!

Comforting & delicious Spinach with ground meat, onions and wholegrain basmati rice - also gluten-free!

Comforting (and gluten-free) Spinach with ground meat, onions & wholegrain basmati rice – Kiymali Ispanak

Manti Originalrezept - Türkische Ravioli mit Lammhackfleisch, Joghurt-Sauce und Paprikabutter. Außerordentlich lecker und leicht zubereitet. Manti mit...

- Manti - delicious turkish dumplings with gound meat filling, served with garlic yoghurt ans spices infused olive oil

Beyti Sarma Kebab as served by Iskele Restaurant, Fethiye

Iskele Restaurant, Fethiye

Iskele Restaurant in Fethiye cooks up great kebabs on their ocakbaşı grill. The meze dishes and starters at Iskele are fantastic too.

I fancy myself as a divine dinner party hostess. I fancy myself as someone who embodies the total coolitude of Guarnaschelli’s professional kitchen-wizardry, set on Martha’s pristine estate filled with ponies, and accompanied with Beyonce’s crowd. Someone who could... #beans #hummus #kofta

turkish kofta platter

Spread the topping over the flat bread and let the dough rise for 30 minutes.

This delicious flat bread with spicy red pepper paste, biber salcasi, feta cheese and za’atar or zahtar spice blend is a specialty from the Antakya cuis.

"Kataifi" Greece

Greek Ekmek Kataifi recipe (Custard and whipped cream pastry with syrup)

Simit Kebabi; Ground (minced meat) and bulgur kebab with roasted vegetables, Gaziantep Style

This delicious ground (minced) meat and bulgur kebab called Simit Kebabi, hails from Gaziantep, one of the gastronomic capitals of Turkey. Serve this fragrantly spiced kebab with roasted vegetables and garlic yoghurt, in flat breads.

Como faz: crostini de ricota com pimentão e manjericão

Como faz: crostini de ricota com pimentão e manjericão