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Brewery Gulch. Bisbee, Arizona :: Territorial and Early Statehood Arizona Postcards

Arizona Charlie Meadows. After helping start Payson's rodeo in 1884, Charlie let his riding and roping skills take him into the Wild West Show business. Travel to Australia, the Orient, Europe, and Alaska brought him into contact with Buffalo Bill, Annie Oakley, Rudyard Kipling, Will Rogers, and Jack London.

Tombstone - Arizona - Some folks think this is a ghost town. It is not:) Still here, a few ghost towns nearby though.

Watt & Tarbell Undertakers - Tombstone, Arizona | by PhotoMoe Photography

1879 Ah Lum and Quong Gee Kee owned one of the most famous eateries in Tombstone, Arizona - the stomping grounds of Wyatt Earp and his OK Corral gang ...Quong Gee Kee...knew all of the infamous characters from the 1880's era, some who ate at Can-Can. "Wyatt Earp was a nice fellow," Quong had said. "Lot of times he was hard on other people. Sometimes he would shoot them up." Quong also knew Billy Clanton. "Nice boy, always paid his bills. Too bad he got shot down at the O.K. Corral."

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