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thought about postiing this to my valentine board, but it's TOO FUNNY


Barbie Bootcamp - Drop and Give Me 20 Pushups Young Girls!: This has to be the most adorable photo. This little girl has all her barbies doing pushups. I wonder

I just realized that some of these.....in 2016-possibly, 2017, that they are coming back. WOAH.

90's forever!

Makes you miss your childhood like crazy. When was the last time I even had French Toast Crunch?

Lol so how I feel after someone uses more than 2 hash tags to describe one dang picture. Pretty soon kids are going to be saying hash tag before every word because that's what they read daily.

A real American beauty

Space Lego Photography - Mike Stimpson has taken the Star Wars characters out of their world of fighting, and has put them in a array of fun scenarios. The Star Wars Lego.

I really need to work out these anger issues...Naaaa, I have way to much fun

32 Ways You Know You Grew Up In A Dysfunctional Family

.This Kid definitely needs to learn how to counter climb LOL 4 Me, It was like breathing lol

Never Mind Why, Go Get Mom Little kid with his jeans caught on a kitchen drawer handle. He is hanging upside down from the handle of the open drawer, while his sibling sits at the kitchen table and someone takes a picture of the poor kid.

Stop copying me - Pinback button Designed and created by Beanforest artists, this button is a great way to express yourself! Size is 1.25" in diameter Original text and artwork is produced in high res

art imitates life - refrigerator fridge magnet - pinback button badge - art drawing cartoon artist gift stop copying me imitation pin

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Being slain by "Fluffy Bunny" is kinda embarrassing, and yet much more amusing for the wielder of the weapon.

Alton Brown and Doctor Who in one meme. I thought perfection wasn't possible, but now there is this.... well this and Benedict Cumberbatch

Alton Brown Thyme Lord

Alton Brown and Doctor Who in one meme. Only thing better would be Brown Doctor Sherlock.

I almost cried from laughing.

How to wash a cat

How to Wash a Cat I have a cat. that's why I laughed when reading this. I scared my dogs laughing so hard. the cat now demands I wash the dogs to teach them a lesson. I still think this is funny. (From Lolcats 'n' Funny Pictures)

Expect the Unexpected

This is awesome - Funny quote advises: When someone says "expect the unexpected" slap them in the face and say "you didn't expect that tit you?

Look closely. I laughed for a solid 30 seconds. I always say I found him hiding behind the coffee table, curtains work well too.

In case you could not find Jesus--he is hiding behind the curtains!