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Keaton and Wesley Stromberg #emblem3 This is literally the most attractive thing I have ever seen. Wesley is gorgeous beyond words.

"Yooo I'm Klarce. You know like Clarke. But its messed up this time.." I laughed, "Um.. I was born into a family that was dedicated to the goverement... But my dad wasnt the hubby of my mum.. He was an rebel fighter.. So i guess im following his steps." I smiled, "Oh yeah, my skills! Duh, um.. I have a couple nerf guns and paint guns that i had make some adjustments to them that isnt really kid-friendly anymore."

this is Liam Payne, he has one kidney, a fear of spoons, very sweet and responsible like the older take-care dad. But everybody loves you liam and you are absolutely stunning AND amazing.. love you