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Notes on drawing the face, eyes, ears, mouth and nose

I came across this tutorial guide on how to draw a face . It focuses on the face patterns, shapes and features like eyes, lips and nose.practice drawing the eyes, how to draw lips, & a basic outline of drawing a face.

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Portrait Photography Inspiration Picture Description Yiqing Yin for Magazine by Davolo Steiner

A blueprint for the perfect face is a mathematical formula discovered by Dr. Stephen Marquardt, a plastic surgeon working in Southern California. Based on the golden ratio. Beautiful people’s mouths were 1.618 times wider than their noses, it seemed, their noses 1.618 times wider than the tip of their noses. As his data set expanded, Marquardt found indeed that the perfect face was loaded with golden ratios.

Fascinating article- the math behind beauty. I once saw a program that showed the faces of celebrated beauties through the ages overlaid on a mathematically perfect face.

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