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Actor Leonard Nimoy, best known for playing Spock on TV’s “Star Trek”, (credit: Bertil Unger/Getty Images)

Leeta, Deep Space Nine.

Chase Masterson as Leeta on "Star Trek: Deep Space Nine." - [Took my son to a Star Trek convention (yes, we were/are that nerdy) and got an autographed photo of her]



The Aenar (episode) - Memory Alpha, the Star Trek Wiki

Archer visits Shran's icy homeworld to find an Andorian subspecies called the Aenar, to.

Way back in 1996, First Contact was being conceived at a feverish pace.  The LA art department was fairly small, and we were working in conjunction with ILM on all the new ships and visuals.  Due t...

jeager-n-eaves battle over the borg queen

Rare Photos - star-trek-the-original-series Photo

Rare Photos - star-trek-the-original-series Photo/ Leonard Nimoy (Spock) on the set of "Mudd's Women" with co-stars.

Oh my word.

Oh my word.