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Niall at the Irish Community Reception at the Buckingham Palace the other day -

I'm sorry but I love him

Day my favorite picture of Niall. This is my fav because he looks adorable with his little Irish leprechaun :)

You've made me upset

You've made me upset<<<< drunk niall is my fav niall

Niall gif. when ever i see the boys doing something stupid

(Gif) Niall deserves an award for the worlds best laugh, an award for the worlds most adorable laugh, an award for being so adorb>>>AGREEEED!>>>>> Yes he makes you smile everytime he smiles/laughs it is so freaking adorable :)

Stahp being gorgeous.  -H

You can't even tell the difference between perfection and Niall James Horan

princess :: njh (( book 1 )) - two - Wattpad

princess :: njh (( book 1 )) - two

(GIF) Seriously his eyebrows just kill me like daily.<<< i watched that gif and mirrored him for like 6 whole minutes<< I love when he lefts up just one eyebrow with a smirk agh