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You know what's messed up, people down other girls for being a size 0, I'm A SIZE 0! I hate how people always have something negative to say about skinny girls. I don't sit there & talk down about size 10 girls, so don't do it to size 0 girls!

Top Unusual Cat Breeds On Earth.

a monkey sharing love with a kitten in Nagaon, Assam, India. This is just too cute.

I would love to give little kids hugs :3 they're just so cute! I love little kids, they're so fun to be around!

The special relationship between dogs and cats is so lovely to behold. I have always had dogs and cats together since I was a baby and each had a great relationship with each other. Its precious beyond words

Ruby Cavalier King Charles spaniel. What's Good About 'Em? The CKCS loves to be praised for being a good dog. This canine is polite, sweet-tempered and eager to please, much like every teacher's pet. The cavalier becomes very attached to her owner and will eagerly follow you around, lapping up any attention given to her. She excels in obedience training and plays well with others when properly socialized. Lots of cuddles and attention is all this pooch needs to feel like the apple of your…

How to Tell if Your Dogs Are Playing or Fighting

How to Tell if Your Dogs Are Playing or Fighting: Your time at the dog park will go much smoother if you know how to tell if your dogs are playing or fighting. Check out the signs of both behaviors!