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William Blair Bruce (Canadian, 1859 - 1906)

William Blair Bruce - Times of Tempest

"Reflecting Love" - by Carol Marine - oil - 6x6 - Metal Bowl & Cherries

Artistry International, Inc., "Reflecting Love" - by Carol Marine - oil - - Metal Bowl & Cherries

Marine Paintings for deco....remind you of the seas year around. Montague Dawson - The Oberon.

The Oberon Artwork by Montague Dawson Oil Painting & Art Prints on canvas for sale

Light on the Bulbs

Light on the Bulbs

유 Still Life Brushstrokes 유 Nature Morte Paintings - Carol Marine's Painting a Day, light bulb still life

"Cheery Cherries" by Carol Marine  By far the best art teacher I've had the pleasure of having.

Daily Paintworks - "Cheery Cherries" - Original Fine Art for Sale - © Carol Marine

Carol Marine's Painting a Day

DPW Original Fine Art Auction - Glass on Glass and a Flower - © Carol Marine

I admire Carol Marine's work...and belong to the dailypaintworks.com site she and her husband David started.

Carol Marine - her still lifes usually involve fruit or veggies and they are pretty fantastic (love the vivid color and brushstrokes in this one!

I really enjoy this artist's loose but chunky, flat-brush style.  Her name is Carol Marine and she's from Eugene, Oregon

Carol Marine still life daily oil painting Daily Paintworks breakfast art eggs grapefruit