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I am ashamed to say I laughed at this. A Lot.

Paper strip signs

Funny pictures about Paper strip signs. Oh, and cool pics about Paper strip signs. Also, Paper strip signs photos.

Misunderstood stuff

Misunderstood stuff

Road signs: What they REALLY mean. (I can't stop laughing at this.) The christmas tree one is the best!

'Today has been cancelled. Go back to bed' cushion. We love anything with a bit of humour!

‘Today Has Been Cancelled' Pillowcase

'Today Has Been Cancelled' please go back to bed or church. Go back to bed with this church slang quote.go to sleep @ st. Mattress the pillow on the corner ov box and spring street. Quoted by the bed and box spring crew

Warning signs can be helpful and informative.... sometimes. But seriously though, most of the time we don’t pay much attention to street signs, but then again it’s not that often that we run into these kinda signs. LOL! Whoever came up with these cleverly sarcastic signs really needs a raise . Chec…

21 Dangerously Sarcastic Warning Signs That Are Hilariously Brilliant

So, we meet again…(cat dictator version)

So, we meet again…

So we have General Meow, Meowseph Stalin, and Kitler. Meow I just need more cats.


"I dream of a better world where chickens can cross the road without having their motives questioned" This and many other fun wooden box signs are available at Wishful Living.

Article: Why Would You Mess With Liam Neeson Twice? | MovieByte is a movie review sight by my brother TJ. Check it out.

Why would you try to kidnap Liam Neeson's family? so true, and that movie is so awesome!

Medical School Motivation - Tips to Stay Motivated During Those 14-hour Study Days #mastersdegree

Medical School Motivation - Tips to Stay Motivated During Those Study Days