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Dorothy Hodgkin OM, FRS 1910 - 1994 Awarded the Nobel prize for chemistry Dorothy Hodgkin work on critical discoveries of the structure of both penicillin and later insulin. These discoveries led to significant improvements in health care. An outstanding chemist Dorothy also devoted a large section of her life to the peace movement and promoting nuclear disarmament.

Hypatia, Ancient Alexandria’s Great Female Scholar

Mathematician, Philosopher & Teacher Hypatia of Alexandria, featured on 1st July, 2013:

Maud Leonora Menten (1879-1960) was a Canadian physician-scientist who made significant contributions to enzyme kinetics and histochemistry. Her name is associated with the famous Michaelis–Menten equation in biochemistry.

Wanda Margarite Kirkbride (1895-1983) was completing graduate work in chemistry at Columbia University when she met and married Clifford Harrison Farr. When Clifford died in 1928, while they were living in St. Louis, Wanda Farr carried on with her research and eventually became Director of the Cellulose Laboratories at the Boyce Thompson Institute for Plant Research in Yonkers, New York, doing pioneering work on cellulose synthesis and plastids

Rosalind Franklin made a major contribution to science when she created X-ray diffraction images of DNA. These images helped form the basis of Crick and Watson’s model of DNA.

Dr. Jane Wright became professor of surgery, head of the cancer chemotherapy department, and associate dean at New York Medical College, and the highest ranked African American woman at a nationally recognized medical institution.

Anandibai Gopalrao Joshee better known as "Anandi Gopal Joshi" (1865-1887) Occupation: Physician Major Accomplishment: First Hindu Woman to receive a degree in Western medicine, Queen Victoria sent her a congratulatory message.