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Sailor Mars Skater Dress from POPRAGEOUS

Sailor Mars Skater Dress

The intense and focused one of the Sailor scouts, Sailor Mars is the soldier of fire and passion!

Chainmail Skater Dress - POPRAGEOUS  - 1

Wanna pretend to be a modern day Joan of Arc? This chainmail dress will take you back to medieval times and protect you from potential stab wounds.

Lucky Cat Skater Dress. Shop now at POPRAGEOUS.com!

Lucky Cat Skater Dress

In case you didn't know, these Japanese cat figurines are called Maneki-Neko and are believed to bring good luck and fortune to the business owners.

Women's "Ombre Trippin Meowt" Skater Dress by Poprageous (Black)

This exquisite design was created by Chanel Tsang! With her love for cats and her full initials spelling C.T, this design started out as simple swirls and flo

Totoro Skater Dress http://www.poprageous.com/collections/geek-chic/products/totoro-skater-dress

Totoro Skater Dress


22 Productos que harán saltar de la emoción a los amantes de Totoro

Barbarian Skater Dress from POPRAGEOUS

Barbarian Skater Dress

Guided by rage, these brutal savages are battle hungry and careless for the rules of war.


Because no sailor babe is complete without this crop top on her bodehhh!

Snowflake Skater Dress

Snowflake Skater Dress

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow, wherever you go in our Snowflake Skater Dress!

Amazon.com: Kurt Adler Hershey Kisses Glass Set, Christmas Ornament: Home & Kitchen

Kurt Adler Hershey Kisses Glass Set Christmas Ornament * To view further for this item, visit the image link.

Gasmask Damask Skater Dress - POPRAGEOUS  - 1

Symbolic of the street art movement, gasmasks are worn to protect graffiti artists from the toxic fumes that come out of spray cans. They also freak me the f*ck out but it is balanced out by the femininity of the surrounding floral motif.

Paladin Skater Dress | POPRAGEOUS

Paladin Skater Dress

Fighting for all that is good and just, the knight serves to protect those who cannot protect themselves from evil.