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Ha, i wanna read a story based off of this.<--- octavian is hated by everyone! even rick! i promise that one day i will buy the rights to the pjo series and i will write a book based off of this

Except I feel like Percy wouldn't get all angry like that he would just get really sad and depressed like none of it was real? and start crying and OH MY BABIES

one of many awesome percabeth proposals.<<<<I have thrown an apple at a girl in Greece. Do I hear wedding bells?

I can SOOO picture that!! ❤

Percyjackson calypso Leo caleo otp headcanon >>> i so hope leo and calypso reunite in boo!

Worst nightmare ever!

Remember how Percy had a picture of Annabeth in his school notebook in SoM?<<< but the dreams of a demigod is kind of real