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[[Dear little Rue, A week ago our first child was born. It’s baby girl.We named her Rue in your honor. I hope she turns out to be as brave and kind as you.I miss you so much, little one. Love,Katniss]]

[[Dear Thresh, Thank you for sparing Katniss. She fed me and kept me warm and made sure I was happy and didn’t die alone after Marvel got me with his spear. I wish I didn’t have to see you again so soon, but I did miss you. You’re the best district partner anyone could have, Rue]]

Keep on WarriorCat-ing (^o^) my friends and I would say "Warrior Cats forever❣" when we brofisted (>ω<)

Have a tribute table for a loved one who has passed with different photo frames and tea-lights. You can have note cards stating who they are for guests knowledge.