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Hot damn am I glad that Valentine's Day is over and I can finally stop staring at the collection of pink and red polishes on my desk that I...

"Run, run, run away like a train running off the track. Got the truth you left behind falls between the cracks. Standing on broken dreams, never losing sight. Just spread your wings." - Van Halen

unique family photo: I don't have any more little babies but someone following this board should do this!!

I love how the kid is in front, so he feels like more of the focus is on him, while the parents get to be all cuddly in the background :)

"Stars, hide your fires. And these here are my desires, and I will give them up to you this time around. And so, I’ll be found with my stake stuck in this ground marking the territory of this newly impassioned soul!" ~ 'Roll Away Your Stone' (Mumford &

5 Fall Family Photography Tips: Capturing Leaf Pile Play

5 Quick Tips for AWESOME Photos of the Kids Playing in the Leaves *love the different beginner DSLR Tips