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Reserved: Sioux Beaded Umbilical Cord Turtle Fetish American Flags

Exceptional old Sioux beaded turtle fetish. Umbilical cords were traditionally placed inside these fetishes, as a measure of good luck and health for the newborn, and hung from the cradle board. Later, they were often worn by the child or attached to clothing. They were used for protection from evil spirits and kept throughout life.

Native American Zia Pottery, 1930's Zia Bird Pottery Olla #5

Antique Sioux Dentalium Shell Earrings

Sioux dentalium shell earrings strung on sinew and separated by a strip of red dyed raw hide. Each band has 10 dentilium shells.

Large Plateau Beaded Bag

L.14 ¼" : W. 11 ⅞" Dynamic geometric beaded bag with an eight pointed star on a…