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Amityville Horror House on Market for $1.15 Million

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Dream House (2011)

Just got done watching this movie Dream House it was awsome! For any one who likes scary movies with a twist you have to watch it! At first i didnt really understand what was happening but when I realized what was going on i got chills donw my spine seriously! This movie is awsome!

Police removing bodies from the Amityville house. On November 14, 1974 Ronald DeFeo killed his father, mother, two brothers and two sisters in their home. His crimes were later made into a book and film named The Amityville Horror.

The Black Dahlia: Elizabeth Short: Beautiful 22-year-old Elizabeth Short -- who was found with her body sliced in half at the waist and drained of blood on January 15, 1947 -- has come to be known as The Black Dahlia. The unsolved Los Angeles murder case involving Short, who sported a mane of curly black hair, has intrigued America for decades and spawned books, articles, and movies. Despite years of investigations by police and crime buffs, however, Short’s murderer has never been found.

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The Amityville Horror: In November 1974, Ronald DeFeo murdered his entire family, shooting them all with a .35 Marlin Rifle. According to DeFeo he was being controlled by evil spirits and heard voices. He was sentenced to six life sentences. A year later Kathy and George Lutz moved in. They moved out after a month. They made incredible claims of black ooze coming from toilets, doors blown off hinges, unexplained teeth marks, a pit to hell in the basement, and of course the bleeding walls. It…