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Pasta Pancake | Del Monte Philippines http://www.delmonte.ph/kitchenomics/recipe/pasta-pancake

A simple pasta recipe gets a fun makeover when pressed into pancake form.

Buko Rainbow Crepe | Del Monte Philippines http://www.delmonte.ph/kitchenomics/recipe/buko-rainbow-crepe

Add color to any meal by serving this French dessert with a Pinoy twist.

Sloppy Joe Sandwich | Del Monte Philippines http://www.delmonte.ph/kitchenomics/recipe/sloppy-joe-sandwich

Pile this saucy, meaty goodness on a hamburger bun and prepare to get applause.

Hmm,, I can try substituting tuna with chicken.. Chicken Tortilla Pizza | Del Monte Philippines http://www.delmonte.ph/kitchenomics/recipe/chicken-tortilla-pizza

Using a tortilla instead of pizza dough turns this into a light and savory appetizer the family will love.

Cashew Crusted Fish with Sautéed Spinach | Del Monte Philippines http://www.delmonte.ph/kitchenomics/recipe/cashew-crusted-fish-saut%C3%A9ed-spinach

Everyone will love the delicious textures of this restaurant-worthy dish. It’s easy to make too!

Tofu Pasta Soup

Put together this easy soup dish on a cold and rainy evening. For an even healthier spin, replace chicken with more tofu.