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Cool shelters. See DIY instructions in May/Jun 2012 issue.

walls promote airflow and allow the horses to see over them. The roofs are composite shingles, which are much quieter than metal in the rain. The floors are rubber mats that are spiked into the ground, so the horses avoid ingesting any sand when eating

Cheval (image)

Comestible Fondant Cupcake Cookie Toppers - cheval

Edible Fondant Cupcake Cookie Toppers- Horse - cutest HORSE topper (Have to try this using my Makin's oval cutter)

"True Love is When your animal is more than a PET... When you are more than an OWNER." -DianaDee Osborne

I am his eyes, he is my wings. I am his voice, he is my spirit. I am his human, he is my horse.

Anwas slipped the bow over his head, put his arm through, and then patted the…

White Andalusian horse - The Andalusian also called the pure Spanish horse was developed in century Spain. Colour variations of this horse from white, grey, champagne, dappled and brown.

Barn hacks!  http://www.proequinegrooms.com/index.php/tips/grooming/more-barn-hacks-part-three/

Keep a tennis ball on the end of the cross ties to avoid the super annoying CLANG. It may also give your barn dogs something to stare at for hours.