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You had one job Harry! One job! (Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets)

Hogwarts Alumni: Second-In-Command Cast Name

Chosen One Know It All Second In Command Silverlining Unlikely Hero Unlikely Friend


Harry, broke up with Ginny, to protect her, from all the harm, that could come her way.

Every actor reading the description of their own character in the books --- Jason Isaacs as Lucius Malfoy

The actors reading their character’s first appearance in the books

This is seriously the BEST BEHIND THE SCENES EVER! Harry Potter cast having fun!

Harry Potter cast having fun! Mainly awesome because Dumbledore breaks it down. need to watch this at some point<<<<this video is hilarious


Even though I don't like family guy, seriously, why ARE we not funding this? Maybe some people would just never use it as an incentive to work out, since they'll have their laptops at home, but I'd use it for that! Do homework on the treadmill!

THANK YOU. Harry Freaking Potter has spoken.

My opinion remains the same. I always knew Ron and Hermione would end up together. It was apparent in books three and four. They balance each other out. No take backs.<<<<Oh please, Ron and Luna would be OTP material.