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Fruit Cups! Great idea when hosting party.  Place in 'ice' in large container, to remain cool.

party fruit cups for a party. Who doesn't love fruit salad, plus it's already in a cup .

Chocolate covered strawberry shots. Vanilla vodka, Godiva liquor, and some chocolate syrup for a delicious shot in an edible glass. by veronicawasp

Chocolate Covered Strawberry Shots Recipe Fresh strawberries Vanilla vodka Godiva liquor Chocolate syrup Cut the strawberry and carve it into a shot glass shape. Combine these awesome ingredients, drink your shot, and then eat the strawberry.

Yummy Recipes: Nutella and Banana Pastry Purses recipe - Torbice sa Nutellom i bananom  - isprobati!

Nutella and Banana Pastry Purses. These are so easy to make and only take a few minutes. 1 sheet frozen puff pastry dough Nutella 1 banana some

Adorable Cute child bathe, bridal bathe, birthday, anytime...

OREO POPS The only thing better than an Oreo cookie is a chocolate covered Oreo. The only thing better than a chocolate covered Oreo is a chocolate covered

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Cut a watermelon in half lengthwise. Use flower or star shaped cookie cutters to cut yellow and red watermelon in shapes. Place on skewers and stand up in watermelon to look like a flower garden.

Canasta de Chocolate

Raspberry Mousse Chocolate Cups

Raspberry Mousse Chocolate Cups by Sugarhero! A recipe for elegant chocolate candy cups that contain rich raspberry-chocolate ganache and fluffy raspberry mousse.