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Beginning the year with interactive notebooks can be daunting but if you take time to plan ahead with these tips you will be A-OK!

Tips for Beginning the School Year Right with Interactive Notebooks

Are you starting a new year with interactive notebooks and already flustered about keeping it all together and keeping your sanity? Take a moment and read through these tips and know that YOU can do this!

Are you interested in Interactive Notebooks but struggle with how you can do them in a time constraint? Check out these actionable tips to implement today.

Are you interested in using Interactive Notebooks in your classroom but struggling with how you might fit it all in in a small 45 or 90 minute time block? After years of doing it in both time spans I am here to share with you some easy, actionable tips an

Reasons to use interactive notebooks

7 Reasons to Use Interactive Notebooks

In this guest post, Jennifer Smith of Smith Curriculum and Consulting shares seven fabulous reasons to use Interactive Notebooks in your classroom. Take it away Jennifer! My name is Jennifer…

This is a FREE sample. INSPIRE students to write more descriptively!! Perfect for teaching SHADES OF MEANING. The pictures on each page show CONTEXT so that students know EXACTLY how to use each synonym CORRECTLY!

My synonym cards/picture thesauruses help students write more descriptively. Perfect for teaching shades of meaning!

"Profe por un momento" presentación- los estudiantes enseñan el tema

anecdotal notes: labels on cardstock...have a different color cardstock for each subject then have a binder with all students...

IDR assessments binder- each child has a tab, a reading status from, founts and Pinnell guide for observing and noting behaviours checklist, cardstock with labels from conferring and guided reading etc

What is an Interactivity?

Interactivities are all around us in our classroom & in our homes. The definition of an Interactivity is simply an interactive & engaging learning activity.