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Funny pictures about One step at a time. Oh, and cool pics about One step at a time. Also, One step at a time.

You are everything to me

Love this quote for a kids room. You are Amazing. You are Important. You are Special. You are Unique. You are Kind. You are Precious. You are Loved.

Schule und Gleichheit

There's a great Albert Einstein quote that goes well with this cartoon: “Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.

The Two Mindsets and the Power of Believing That You Can Improve http://time.com/3765563/carol-dweck-two-mindsets/

The Two Mindsets and the Power of Believing That You Can Improve

From "Information Graphics" by Sandra Rendgen (via Brain Pickings) -- 'Two Mindsets,' Stanford, magazine article, Data Source: Carol Dweck: 'Mindset: The New Psychology of Success', Design: Nigel Holmes

Be a Leader.....not a Boss

Be a leader, not a boss. You're job is to train your children in how to be good adult, good husbands and fathers, good wives and mothers. Not just good boys and girls. Be a Leader, not just the boss of your kids.

The idea of handing out these doesn't seem so crazy to you. | 31 Signs You've Been A Teacher Too Long

New hall pass idea : How to reduce unnecessary trips to the bathroom. ( If TCTA can pin it, so can I.

Another great "Take a Compliment" page!

motivational quotes/ Previous pinner said "PLEASE Take one! Did this in the fall, replaced about 6 times, the middle schoolers loved them! Hot spot: I hung them in the girls bathrooms!