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I keep seeing pins with recipes for getting rid of "bad" brown bananas.while they look like good recipes and are seemingly convenient, they destroy the most beneficial part of these bananas. Eat a few of them every once in a while!

Benefits of Bananas! Reduce depression Regulate the bowel system Reduce blood pressure & risk of heart disease Help our bones grow stronger Help individuals to quit smoking Help prevent anemia Provides us with energy Reduce menstrual pains Power our brains Help prevent ulcers  #Dentist

Banana contains three natural sugars such as sucrose, fructose and glucose combined with fiber. Banana is considered to be the substantial boost of energy. A banana is equal to strenuous 90 minutes…

<3 HEALTH BENEFITS of PEACHES: Low in calories. ORAC value 1814. Good source of Vitamin C. Rich in potassium & iron. Urinary disorders. Contains lutein, zeaxanthin & B-cryptoxanthin. Improves immune system. Good source of fiber. Helps maintain nervous system. Lowers cholesterol. Provides 1.5 grams protein. Effective against intestinal worms. Regulates bowel movements. Anti-oxidant properties. Cataracts - eye health. Powerful diuretic. Excellent relaxant.

CANCER DIETS - Health Benefits of Peaches. Liver cleansing raw food cancer diet recipes for a healthy liver. Learn how to do an advanced liver flush protocol I LIVER tips food eating guide health

Benefits of Coconut Oil and there are so many more benefits than what is listed.

Benefits of Coconut Oil. Not only is coconut oil a good superfood but it has multiple uses! LOVE me some coco oil!

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Health Benefits of Beets plus juicing recipe.before juicing, I couldn't even stand the smell of a beet.

High Protein Foods!

Most of us probably gather our protein needs from a variety of meats, while our vegetarian counterparts rely on protein from eggs, nuts, and beans. How about our vegan friends? Where do they get their protein from? Protein bars and shakes and pow

6 Foods That Keep You Hydrated | Food Facts | Wellness Tips | Health Infographic.

Hydration - The Key To Good Digestion

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12 great foods that give you energy

The health benefits of Lime Water

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